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Freedom's Ransom (The Catteni Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (2003-03-03) ❮Download❯ ➵ Freedom's Ransom (The Catteni Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (2003-03-03) Author Anne McCaffrey – Freedom s Ransom The Catteni Seuence English EditionAchetez et tlchargez ebook Freedom s Ransom The Catteni Seuence English EditionAchetez et tlchargez ebook.

About the Author: Anne McCaffrey

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Freedom's Ransom The Catteni Seuence by Anne McCaffrey ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Anne McCaffrey auteurs dans le monde.

15 thoughts on “Freedom's Ransom (The Catteni Sequence) by Anne McCaffrey (2003-03-03)

  1. Mrs. F. P. Tompkins Mrs. F. P. Tompkins says:

    Needed to be read cos id read the previous 3 books but I got a bit tired of Zainal always being successful in everything he did and there being no real sense of jeopardy In the dragon books I enjoyed the minutiae of the world of pern In the catteni series I enjoy the detail of life on botany but there s too much hopping in ones spaceship and taking a few weeks to get somewhere and the detail is gone I enjoyed it for sure but felt aspects of the writing rushed.

  2. BBBandit BBBandit says:

    Ransom brings the Catteni sequence to an end It features all the ups and downs of the first three books and neatly wraps all the threads together If Anne McCaffrey were alive today I would hope she might pen an aftermath book as I wish the sequence hadn t ended Kudos to the author.

  3. Dr. O. B. O'toole Dr. O. B. O'toole says:

    This was a good fourth book in the Catteni series, with quite a lot of following on from the previous 3 It did have a fair amount of action, although I would have liked For example, why didn t the new Catteni government restore order to prevent violence and fire the old manager of the Barevi market with his corrupt behaviour More could have been made of the threat posed by the old Eosi they wouldn t have given in so easily Why not about the farmers Alas, we shall never know, because this is the last in the series It was nevertheless a good read.

  4. Anna Geddes Anna Geddes says:

    This is one of a series of books all of which will equally stand alone The characters are well done and plotting is good Very enjoyable

  5. Ralph, from Perth Ralph, from Perth says:

    This book downloads and displays perfectly She is a McCaffrey addict and has all the paperbacks which are read over and over again I have got her these now for convenience and ease of use.

  6. victor godman victor godman says:

    Item arrived safe and sound in excellent condition

  7. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Great story moves along fast

  8. Adrian Walker Adrian Walker says:

    Love her work, have all her books in the Catteni sequence on my tablet, plus many others of her work, well written easy to read, Easy read SiFi.

  9. francis towler francis towler says:

    I have read this authors over a number of years, pern tower and hive and have always enjoy themif the other books in this series are this standard i wiil be satisfied.

  10. Nuada Nuada says:

    I had lent this to a friend and never got it back, am now reading the whole catteni sequence again

  11. JEFF JEFF says:

    A book I have enjoyed before Anne was the most brilliant author I have ever read a pity she won t write any

  12. Lucy Blaker Lucy Blaker says:

    This is a great series by a great writer Love all her works, Sci Fi lost a great writer when she died

  13. S A Challis S A Challis says:


  14. Caza B Caza B says:

    Brillient series of books owned then in paperback years ago and gave away so revisiting them on kindle

  15. Bill Bowring Bill Bowring says:

    This is another series to develop but I expect this is all we will get now Please read and enjoy.

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