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Dragonsinger: Harper Of Pern (The Dragon Books) by Anne McCaffrey (1982-03-01) [Read] ➪ Dragonsinger: Harper Of Pern (The Dragon Books) by Anne McCaffrey (1982-03-01) By Anne McCaffrey – Liversite.co.uk Dragonsinger Harper Of Pern McCaffrey AnneWhen Menolly daughter of Yanus Sea Holder arrived at the Harper Craft Hall she came in style aboard a huge bronze dragon followed by her nine fire lizards The Dragonsinger Harper Of Pern McCaffrey AnneWhen Menolly daughter of Yanus Sea Holder arrived at the Harper Craft Hall she came in style aboard a huge bronze dragon followed by her nine fire lizards The Masterharper of Pern aware of her uniue.

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  • Dragonsinger: Harper Of Pern (The Dragon Books) by Anne McCaffrey (1982-03-01)
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  • 12 June 2015

About the Author: Anne McCaffrey

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Dragonsinger Harper Of Pern The Dragon Books by Anne McCaffrey ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Anne McCaffrey auteurs dans le monde.

15 thoughts on “Dragonsinger: Harper Of Pern (The Dragon Books) by Anne McCaffrey (1982-03-01)

  1. epitome epitome says:

    Anne McCaffrey is a really good storyteller, capturing the feelings of a teenager long misunderstood by her family and peers, who just wants music in her life She lives in a fantastic world of dragons, and fire lizards, during a cycle of renewed attack by an alien lifeform, when her songs will be needed to capture and explain events as they unfold Suitable for children or adults, in fact anyone who enjoys a good fairy story This is the second book about Menolly, but part of the famous Dragons of Pern series in which she will be found in many others but to a lesser degree.

  2. Mattl Mattl says:

    I have read all of Anne s books but especially like the Pern series This book is one of my favourites, having read it at least 4 times As a musician I have an especial feeling towards the Harper Craft so it is particularly entertaining for me to follow Menolly s testing time on entering the Harper Hall I recommend the whole series which should be read in order for maximum enjoyment so the reader will understand who all the characters are and their place in each story Happy reading

  3. lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-books.co Customer lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-books.co Customer says:

    Anne McCaffrey may no longer be with us, but she left a huge legacy in the Dragon books This book introduces a new aspect of the Pern novels, featuring, as it does, an unappreciated young girl, not allowed to do anything to do with music The girl is caught out by a fall of the infamous Thread The story then takes the reader through the girls adventures and how her life and that of those who populated Pern, are changed for ever as gradually she is able to make music just as she had always wanted to do.It s not the starting point for the Dragon series, but is still a cracking good read and although I have the full set of Dragon books, I am now buying them to put on my Kindle and enjoying them all over again.

  4. David David says:

    Dragonsinger of Pern the on going story of Mellony, a young lass with a passion for music and song, living within a hard working fishing community in a regressed society where due to population demand and the arrival of thread has reasserted the old sexual stereotypes, where women are expected to be the homemaker.In this story Mellony enters the Harper hall after finally being discovered by the Master Harper of Pern in the Benden Weyr after out running thread during an extended period of being on her own after running away when she was isolated and discoraged from the music she loved Mellony has to find new friends, learn how to cope in an enviroment she is unused too, coming from a small fishing hold and after being isolated.Written well and a grewat set of books for the fantasy reader that likes on going sagas with a writer they like.

  5. Kevin Wallis Kevin Wallis says:

    First read the book as a child in the eighties and revisited the PERN series over the last few months Great story both as a stand alone novel, as part of the harperhall trilogy and as part of the dragon rider story arc, three dimensional characters and I love that I am picking up nuances my teenage self missed or I have forgotten.


    The sequel to Dragonsong follows up the story of Menolly who impressed nine fire lizards and was living hold less only to be rescued outrunning thread little knowing that all the Harper s of Pern were searching for her Finally recognised for her unique talents now she is finally fulfilling her dream at Harper Hall, but life is never easy as Menolly was too soon find out A worthy sequel which introduces characters who will become important in the future of Pern and those magnificent dragons

  7. Imelda greene Imelda greene says:

    I remember waiting anxiously for the first edition of this book , Anne and her marvellous story telling has been a great refuge, joy and source of inspiration for me for 30 plus years.If you have not read any ,start with dragon flight and work your way through the story of pern enjoy ,

  8. John Wayne John Wayne says:

    Following on from Dragon song, this is exceptional work of fantasy, brilliantly written There are many heartwarming and heartrending points all keeping the reader involved and engaged in the many finely detailed characters Highly Recommended 10 10

  9. Sue Leamon Sue Leamon says:

    This is the fourth Anne McCaffrey book if you re reading them in published order which is the recommended way Again, it was slightly away from the first two books but runs alongside and fits in You just have to read it to understand what I m trying to say You won t be disappointed if you enjoyed the other 3 books.

  10. Paul Justin Paul Justin says:

    Dragonsinger is a book I read many years ago and revisiting has made me very happy The characters are strong and likeable and the pure fantasy of another world is enthralling

  11. graham graham says:

    Any story that you can return to over 20 years after you first read it and still love it is worth than anything.Still finding small things that at first I had no understanding of wonder full.Plus these are the very stories that gave me a lifelong love of all things Dragon.

  12. Mr L T Osborne Mr L T Osborne says:

    Anne McCaffrey is a great writer and I have enjoyed reading this book I hope to read many of her books.

  13. Mr Robin Hall Mr Robin Hall says:

    The usual good food for the fertile mind I read it years ago enjoyed it just as much second time around.

  14. Chris Chris says:

    Having been a fan of Anne McCaffrey i bought to replace a book i bought over 30 years ago that has now fallen to pieces

  15. Claire Barnes Claire Barnes says:

    Dragonsinger was the first Anne McCaffrey books I read and in many ways is responsible for my continuing love of science fiction It was originally aimed at teenagers Young Adults, before YA was fashionable and in some ways it can be taken as School Story dressed up in science fiction fantasy clothing, however reading it again has proved to me that this is one of the classic Anne McCaffrey stories.

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