The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern by Jody Lynn; McCaffrey,

15 thoughts on “The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern by Jody Lynn; McCaffrey, Anne Nye (1992-08-01)

  1. Aline Hawkins Aline Hawkins says:

    Un guide magnifique plein d esquisse sur les dragons de Pern.un superbe complment de tous les livres qu elle a crit.

  2. romy perigot romy perigot says:

    livre int ressant sure l univers de Pern Un compl ment lorsqu on a lu toute la saga et qu on veut retrouver l ambiance incomparable de cette fabuleuse plan te qu est PERN

  3. Gillian Steer Gillian Steer says:

    If you are colector of the Dragons of Pern series, then this book will give you an insight into everyhting from the Red Star to Dragons Dragonets, from Weyrlings to Training Fighting Dragons FromThreadfall charts to All the descriptions of the holds, crafthalls Weyrs Very very informative if you have read or are reading THE DRAGONS OF PERN SERIES Can thoroughly recommend this book.

  4. Mr. Richard F. Mr. Richard F. says:

    Nice book

  5. florence florence says:

    it was a present very much wanted as I could not find it anywhere, the person has all the pern books and would love a film of them thanks great book.

  6. Peta G Bracken Peta G Bracken says:

    This is a lovely book, anybody who is a fan of the Pern stories would find this interesting if not love it.

  7. Miss J L Gilbert Miss J L Gilbert says:

    great thanks

  8. Laurie Steffler Laurie Steffler says:

    Item is as described

  9. Blue Donut Blue Donut says:

    Awesome price and quick shipping Product was exactly as described

  10. heather heather says:


  11. Fishergirl Seattle Fishergirl Seattle says:

    Don t get me wrong, I love PERN and have enjoyed all of Anne McCaffrey s dragon books however, I personally found this book disappointing on many levels For one thing, if the illustrator read Anne s books, he didn t see the same things I saw when I read the books The human characters, dragons, plants, alien creatures, holds, and weyrs in this Guide looked nothing like those described The recipes were silly The garb depicted was ridiculously cumbersome and uncomfortable looking like the fancy garb some wear to SCA events Oh, and the dragons. They are described in the original books as being beautiful than runner beasts horses with delicate transparent wings, yet in this Guide they are scary looking and ugly like a cross between an overly muscled gargoyle and a bull dog I don t think anyone would have wanted one of this Guide s fire lizards landing on them If they looked like they do in this Guide, they would ve thought they were dangerous, not beautiful, and the whole dragon metasynth, Eridani lab creation process would never have happened I am sure the writers enjoyed hanging out with Anne McCaffrey to research this book, but the result is narcissistic and sad The only high point in the book is an Anne written short story about a boy impressing a dragon.

  12. spriest spriest says:

    Meh Kind of a disappointment Not a single map, you need to buy the Atlas if you want maps And the wherries, sorry can t get over this dumb thing In the Dragonflight books, wherries are described as large flightless birds resembling ostriches In this book, they look and are described as flying predators, like some kind of dead ugly vulture crossed with a dragon No This is wrong And I ve just realized what a dork I am.

  13. Annie O. Annie O. says:

    I belong to a FB group for the Pern series, written by the late, great Anne McCaffrey and was thrilled when this arrived as I d never seen it before Thanks

  14. Victoria Wordeman Victoria Wordeman says:

    I love this book when you read about the what life on Pern is like in the book you have to gusted at what the plants and animals look like This book has the information about everything and I love it.

  15. HC HC says:

    My brothers loved this series when they were growing up, and now my nephews love it just as much.

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