Harold Chateau Spill Red Wine Berry Juice Makeup Stain

  • Harold Chateau Spill Red Wine Berry Juice Makeup Stain Remover Spray Bottle, 4oz: Amazon.fr: Cuisine Maison
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  • 14 October 2014

15 thoughts on “Harold Chateau Spill Red Wine Berry Juice Makeup Stain Remover Spray Bottle, 4oz: Amazon.fr: Cuisine Maison

  1. M. Simmons M. Simmons says:

    Seemed to help but not miraculous tho the wine stain was 4days old Kept it for next time

  2. Wendy Maw Wendy Maw says:

    Fantastic product Well worth the price, a little does the job

  3. David N. Bell David N. Bell says:

    This stuff really works, even after a week Damp the area, apply the Chateau Spill and be amazed If the stain is fresh, just squirt a little of the Chateau Spill onto it, soeak it up, and watch it disappear Worth every penny

  4. Arlene Hemingway Arlene Hemingway says:

    I spilled red wine on a light blue top and it came off the next day will a little bit of this cleaner and lightly rubbing The fabric was not affected by it either Recommend

  5. Bob Bob says:

    An excellent product which works to get rid of carpet stains.

  6. Alex M. Alex M. says:

    This stuff is amazing Applied it once to a day old stain on my office chair and the stain was completely gone within the hour Had to use about half a bottle for one application, but it s than worth it.

  7. media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co Customer media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co Customer says:

    Great As advertised.

  8. media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co Customer media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co Customer says:

    Fun gift

  9. sheryl sheryl says:

    Miracle product Had a large patch of malbec spilled onto a white wool coat This worked perfectly, even after the stain was weeks old Saved a fabulous coat that I really didn t want to part with.

  10. media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co Customer media-tie-in-graphic-novels.co Customer says:

    Works great

  11. Mrs. Rochester Mrs. Rochester says:

    I purchased this item and it said on the shelf for a few months without use Then, last night, I spilled a whole glass of red wine on to my cream colored sheet and blanket I followed the instructions absorbing all the liquid with paper towels, then moistening the stains with water, then spraying liberally, then wiping off After about 2 rounds of this, the stains almost completely disappeared I m very impressed, it was definitely worth the cost because I otherwise would have had to replace my sheet and blanket It works wonders with fresh stains if you act quickly, but I m not sure how well it works for set in stains

  12. Linda R. Shinsky Linda R. Shinsky says:

    This stuff is like a miracle on those tough red wine or dark berry stains Even works well on Dark Chocolate My husband is the Stain King on our last vacation he put some berries from a buffet into the pocket of his brand new khaki shorts Why, you ask Never got a good answer for this one As you can then figure, the berries, during the course of the day while riding home in the suitcase got mashed up stained the shorts pretty badly Luckily they didn t get on anything else in the suitcase When I unpacked, the stains had set for about 2 days I thought the shorts were going to be ruined I saw this product online ordered it and it got every bit of the set in berry stains out It was like magic, I sprayed it on it just DISAPPEARED As I said, have also had the opportunity to try it on several red wine dark chocolate stains and it s been a miracle for getting them out without any damage to the material No fading at all, just takes out the stain

  13. allisha allisha says:

    I bought this for my neighbor after accidentally spilling some red wine on her off white chair It was almost a week later and linen fabric but did an outstanding job restoring it Fast forward months later, I got ink stains on 2 cotton tops at work and searched my house for every possible stain remover before laundering I decided to search the web and tried one or two things that didn t work but then remembered this product then thought let s give it a tryviolacompletely removed after vety little effort I definitely recommend everyone have this little bottle on hand Thumbs up

  14. Brittany Robbins Brittany Robbins says:

    I bought this bc my best friend recommended it and said that it gets out other stains as well and well it s true Her daughter had a busted nose and bled all over her T shirt and she got all the blood stain out so hopefully I don t have to use this but if when I m prepared and ready However I did expect the bottle to be larger but I definitely rather quality over quantity.

  15. slotravel slotravel says:

    absolutely the best at removing red wine stains..I ve bought just about every wine stain remover available and this is 100% effective I m hugely relieved after just cleaning up a ridiculous red wine spatter on my white carpet, so much so that I looked up my Chateau Spill order to write this review I also like Incredible Inc cleaner it is wonderful for a wide range of stains including pet stains but Chateau Spill is the MOST effective for wine stains I just bought a bunch to use as Christmas stocking stuffers the price makes them a great value and to have on hand for the holidays.

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