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The Legacy of Gird [Read] ➪ The Legacy of Gird By Elizabeth Moon – the legacy of Traduction en franais exemples anglaisIt recalls the legacy ofmillion stories the vast majority of them untold Il rappelle le legs demillions d histoires dont la plupart n ont jamais t r the legacy of Traduction en franais exemples anglaisIt recalls the legacy ofmillion stories the vast majority of them untold Il rappelle le legs demillions d histoires dont la plupart n ont jamais t rapportes That is the legacy of the government Tel est l hritage ue laissera le gouvernement d en face Develop projects that enhance the legacy of the Tribunal Concevoir des projets visant appeler l attention sur lesLegacy Recordings France Multi artistes The Legacy Of Legacy Recordings et DJ Reverend P Djoon club sont fiers de prsenter la collection Black The Legacy PDF/EPUB ² Music de rfrence The Legacy Of enfin disponible en triple CD s et double Vinyles leseptembreet avec plein de surprises l intrieurthe legacy of traduction franaise dictionnaireTraduction de the legacy of dans le dictionnaire anglais franais gratuit et beaucoup d autres traductions franaises dans le dictionnaire bab Legacy Recordings France Multi artistes La collectionLegacy Recordings France est heureux de prsenter la collection The Legacy Of en collaboration avec DJ Reverend P Compose de onze volumes elle propose de dcouvrir ou redcouvrir les classiues intemporels et les perles rares et introuvables de la musiue noire amricaine legacy of Traduction en franais exemples anglaisTraductions en contexte de legacy of en anglais franais avec Reverso Context of legacy of the legacy legacy of the past legacy of bitterness legacy of war is.

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  • The Legacy of Gird
  • Elizabeth Moon
  • 01 June 2016

About the Author: Elizabeth Moon

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre The Legacy of Gird ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Elizabeth Moon auteurs dans le monde.

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  3. Customer Customer says:

    I have read this series multiple times and it is still a total page turner.In this age it s a binge worthy endeavor.

  4. kelli kelli says:

    Great book, love the writer Helps fill in the blanks for Paladin s Legacy.

  5. Caroline L. Caroline L. says:

    The author muses that Liar s Oath is the book that nobody likes, and with good reason Luap is a fatally flawed character, although he bows his head and follows Gird in the first book Surrender None is a Robin Hood story told about a peasant who was trod underfoot and had almost everything taken from him Then he goes and trains in the wood If there d been archery and there s a fair amount , it would have outright been a Robin Hood story.It s a tale of oppression by the magelords who colonized a country based on not understanding the local culture I thought it was rather like Thanksgiving When Gird went to the woods, he definitely was very similar to Robin Hood, if you read the very old original version Gird s struggles with leadership rang true for me.In the second book, we get to see points of view I liked Aris and Seri very much someone else said that they were like Merry and Pippin and I agree In Paks world, the Marshals and paladins have some healing But in the time of Gird, the Marshals didn t have the same thing And they had to work it out.I liked the parts where the author chose to show what happens after a war, how everything is disordered A peasant rebellion is simple enough, but creating a society that is just for all is very difficult I would agree with all the people who were upset with Luap There are good points of view, but Luap s sections are very whiny He lies to himself, which the black cloaks use against him in the end The author was trying to show him thinking that the ends justify the means But they don t, and Gird kept him in check while he was alive.I do wish that Cob had accepted the Marshal General position instead of the frogman.

  6. Margery L. Goldstein Margery L. Goldstein says:

    After devouring The Deed of Paksenarrion, I was eager to read these stories The first book, Surrender None, was very worth reading, though it lagged in spots Moon did a fine job of developing the character of Gird and the cultures of the world he lived in Five stars.The second book, Liar s Oath, was terrible What a slog to read I soon lost patience with the whiny, self absorbed Luap, but had to spend chapter after chapter watching his self deception unfold His self deception is the point of the whole story Most of the other characters were poorly developed, with no real personalities, especially the proto scientist Arranha and the flavorless, unnecessary Rosemage Aris and Seri, who reminded me of Merry and Pippin, were included to show the origins of the paladins powers, but they only really came alive for a few pages at a time To make matters worse, Moon created a cliff hanger of a link to events of the far future, Paksenarrion s time, so the gullible reader feels compelled to follow the series further One star for this book.

  7. jrstein jrstein says:

    I LOVE the Paksennarion Paladin s Legacy series, and I m anxiously awaiting the last release in May of 2014 I came across Legacy of Gird while surfing , but I also saw Surrender None and Liar s Oath So I quickly ordered all three completely thrilled because I thought I d have to wait until May to get another Paks fix After I made the order I was on, and realized that Legacy of Gird is just an omnibus edition of the other two I had to cancel the order, and reorder just Legacy of Gird.I really enjoyed reading about the life of Gird and Luap Some say this book moves slowly, but I didn t think so This story gives you all the details you need regarding Gird who he was, where he was from , how he led a revolution, how the code developed, his fallibility, etc.I would NOT read this book before any of the others It s not that it will give things away, per se, it s just that it might reveal a bit of the mystery of some of the people and places in the Paladin s Legacy I think I ve read it at just the right point after Limits of Power because there is a little foreshadowing toward the end of Gird s Legacy, and I wouldn t want to know about that sooner.Perfect read for the Paks devotee.

  8. Dan Kim Dan Kim says:

    A bit slow placed Not as good as the other Elizabeth Moon series This is the prequel to Paksenarrion series as well as the Paldadin s Legacy series The first volume outlines the life of Gird as he slowly transforms from an ambitious boy to a regular farmer and finally into a revolutionary against the magelords The book is a bit choppy as it jumps from the early life of Gird into his adulthood without a by and between There s a series of gaps between the major events in his life Characters are introduced haphazardly, and there is no closure when those characters die or disappear As this is a fantasy series, the author should have spent some time on character development and could have possibly made this a longer storyline It seems like the relationship that Gird had with Mali, his deceased wife, was influential in his thinking and approach to women later on in life however there is no information about Mali except the story of how they meet and a flashback retelling of how why she died The second volume outlines the relationship of Gird with Luap, a mageborn bastard It outlines the tenuous relationship between the mageborn and regular people I thought this book was much better written as it is essentially a struggle of one man and his internal struggle to relish power and his oath to Gird never to take power This internal struggle reflects the external struggle between the mageborn and the non mageborn The final portion of the book connects to the scene in Kolobia in the Paksenarrion s series and is a nice segue.

  9. Melissa Mendick Melissa Mendick says:

    After reading the 2 Paksennarion trilogies, I got The Legacy of Gird It s actually several books in one The first Surrender None , about Gird s life and how he became a god , is pretty good A little repetitive, but a good story line with several events I didn t see coming The next book Liar s Oath is almost painful to persevere through This is set after Gird s death and the group continues his missions as they believe Gird ment them I m so sick of reading the inner thoughts of Luap though I get it, he s torn and conflicted and has LOTS of issues But the story has not developed him into a character that I really care about Which is a shame because in the original books Luap is almost as revered as Gird and I really thought I d want to read about him But so far I don t I find myself skimming paragraphs and pages at a time just to get past the monotony of this story It s almost like the author had mentioned and hinted at this part of Gird s past in previous books and now is having to create that story as an after thought.

  10. Johnnygee Johnnygee says:

    I got into reading books by Elizabeth Moon when I read two of her science fiction series Vatta s War and the Serrano Suiza series I was impressed with her grasp of military force structure, command authority, and the principles of leadershipparticularly during battle Her Marine background really paid off here Once I read both of these series, I looked around for something else to read by the same author and discovered Paladin s Legacy I loved the character development in this series and the author s concept of battle, order of forces, and her sense of terrain in a story set in a time when the weapons of war were swords, daggers, lances, cross, and long bows Although these are works of fiction I felt like I was reading a history of the middle ages I particularly liked the character, Paksenarrion or Paks and the duke and king that she often fought beside Moon also develops a plausible set of deities for her worldone of which is the farmer turned warrior Gird The book LEGACY OF GIRD answers a lot of questions that I had after reading the series If you have read the Paksenarrion Series, you owe it to yourself to read THE LEGACY OF GIRD in order to close the loop on Gird The book actually is a prequel to the series, but it also spans the entire Paladin s Legacy and hints of books to come as it seeks to settle the issue of Luap Highly recommended

  11. Too many manga Too many manga says:

    428 pages, just to tell us the real story of Gird, from his point of view And then 400 pages, this time from Luap s perspective Unless you re absolutely in need of knowing the background of the two characters just mentioned, please don t bother with either of these If you must at least know about Gird, read Surrender None, but skip Liar s Oath I tried reading these two books when they first came out, and couldn t bring myself to finish either one This time, I actually made it through Surrender None, although that required a lot of skimming page after page, looking for something interesting to read.I realize peasant folks in the Deed world have hangups about mageborn, and Ms Moon tries to inject ethics into her stories, but here it s obvious she went to extremes with both ideas Perhaps her intention was to fill pages, but the two stories are overburdened with excessive wordiness Her normally crisp, concise descriptions ramble on forever, only reluctantly dragging themselves back to the plot, when there is one to be found.Too often, I kept getting whiffs of allegory You know, Gird Christ while Luap Saul Paul Like J.R.R Tolkien, I cordially dislike allegories Maybe that s another reason I kept wanting to stop reading the two stories, and why even the Deed tales are nowhere near my favorite fantasy series I personally prefer Ms Moon s science fiction, since those are less burdened with religious overtones.

  12. Lady L Lady L says:

    Well folks to be honest with you I didn t enjoy Surrender None or Liar s Oath as much as the Paksenarrion Series I found the charcter development took too long I kept thinking let s get on with the story thru out the whole book.The main characters of Gird and Luap were obviously ment to be real and less like the god like beings of Paksenarrion s times But they could be very shallow and it s sad to say, boring The Paksenarrion series had a steady development of characters and regular adventures throughout the series Surrender None Liar s Oath was drawing on and on with the reader making the choice of should I bother finishing the book It gives any reader the backround info into Paksenarrion, but I could have lived without it Plus I was very upset with not advertising that The Legacy of Gird was a trade edition including Surrender None Liar s Oath in one book, since I ended up purchasing it and Liar s Oath in the same order So I doubled up when I surely didn t need too Buyers beware folks.

  13. Kenneth R. Morris Kenneth R. Morris says:

    Compared to the Combo pack of Paks, this book was a slow and agonizing read Sometimes you see movies that are awesome, then they try to come up with a sequel to capitalize on the momentum caused by the first Well, The Legacy of Gird is that book it s was nice originally to see where Gird started, but then it began to drag, and drag, and drag there was no developement, growth, or inspiration.I did read it just to be able to stand here and tell you this from the idea that I read the whole thing, not just a chapter and it stunk I hope to locate Paks books and read those.

  14. Donald D. Allan Donald D. Allan says:

    These are really bad books compared to the Paks trilogy BUT you have to read them to move on to the other books It provides critical back story Now three stars are for both books Four stars for the first book in this two novel book and one star for Liar s Oath Luap is a terrible character but mostly because the character is developed terribly Elizabeth Moon is one of my favourite authors but she dropped the ball on this one.

  15. Rex the Cat Rex the Cat says:

    I very much enjoy not only the Paksenarrion series but pretty much everything Elizabeth Moon writes which perhaps made my expectations for this book perhaps a bit too high It is an okay read but in my opinion it is not up to her usual standards in that it is a bit confusing and without the development of the characters that I have grown accustomed to in her books It is worth the read, but one needs to be in a seomwhat charitable mood.

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