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Vi Editor ❮Reading❯ ➼ Vi Editor Author Arnold Robbins – For many users working in the UNIX environment means using vi a full screen text editor available on most UNIX systems Even those who know vi often make use of only a small number of its features The For many users working in the UNIX environment means using vi a full screen text editor available on most UNIX systems Even those who know vi often make use of only a small number of its features The Vi Editor Pocket Reference is a companion volume to O Reilly s updated sixth edition of Learning the Vi Editor a complete guide to text editing with vi New topics in Learning the Vi Editor include multi screen editing and coverage of four vi clones vim elvis nvi and vile This small book is a handy reference guide to the information in the larger volume presenting movement and editing commands the command line options and other elements of the Vi Editor in an easy to use tabular format.

About the Author: Arnold Robbins

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Vi Editor ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Arnold Robbins auteurs dans le monde.

15 thoughts on “Vi Editor

  1. AfterTheEvent AfterTheEvent says:

    A few things to note Vi from Solaris 2.6, is the version used to verify the information presented in this publication it is not the most up to date text However, Vi is almost certain to be installed any server you might work on, so the commands contained in this booklet are almost guaranteed to work.Coverage of Vim is rather poor, badly out of date, and pretty much pointless as Vim and Vi are now perhaps better than 98% compatible Vim is to be greatly preferred where it is available Similar editors are also given cursory coverage, but to be frank I ve never seen any of them in the wild, so I won t comment.The book is cleverly laid out and contains quite a lot of useful information for anyone who is already a Vi or Vim user It is a little light on explanations, so not really for an absolute beginner though the beginner could do worse.If you are a complete novice I d recommend typing vimtutor at your local command prompt when you ve got 45 minutes of concentration time to spare.Not a bad little book but a bit dated OK

  2. Jan Verhoeven Jan Verhoeven says:

    VI is the worst editor around Period Having said that, this nice little book is you companion in making things better You will learn to make do with vi, which i effect is a kind of Swiss Army knife editor It can do tremendous things, for a small and silly editor.This book eases down the terrible way in which vi switches back between editing mode and beep mode.After reading the book I got hooked to jed, joe and nano.

  3. David Trumbell David Trumbell says:

    This book is missing all pages before the page labeled 11 The missing pages were clearly not removed after the fact as page 11 is affixed at the binding to the cover and there are no torn pages at or around the adhesive.How can you recommend a book with missing pages

  4. Jolly Neil Jolly Neil says:

    A good book and a good size to carry, but if you got access to the internet you don t really need it.

  5. BlackShaddow BlackShaddow says:

    Can t find a better guide

  6. Karen Karen says:

    This is a very handy pocket reference for those who know vi or those who are reading the Learning the vi Editor It does not go to details of existing commands but makes a list of them with short explanations Since it is a small pocket size book it is easy to have it with you everywhere, while keeping the main book in home or office I am happy for having it along with the main book.

  7. David C David C says:

    vi is a very powerful text editor You have probably already used it and have a in depth reference This book is a handy, portable quick reference to remind how to do the rare but useful features.

  8. jane arc jane arc says:

    I own four of the O Reilly pocket references, and of them, this is sadly the least useful to me I am already fairly skilled with the vi and vim editor and I was trying to pick up small pointers and tips that would increase my efficiency with the editor I do a lot of programming with vi, and I know there are some things that I am not doing that could be saving me time.Perhaps the best comparison for this book would be the OReilly Sed Awk pocket reference That is really a fantastic little book that offers a cohesive and brief introduction to the editor.This book, instead, reads like a list of commands with very brief descriptions with, seemingly, little scheme or order It is easier to read the manpage Sadly, I have not found much use for this book yet.So it might be good to have around if you were trying to do something on a system without manpages, or if you were willing to dedicate the time to figure out the organization of this book whcih I frankly doubt there is But in the long run, I think most people even those seasoned vi m users out there will better benefit from buying the parent book.

  9. Mfragin Mfragin says:

    If you use the vi editor often, you won t need this book If, however, you re like me and use it once in a while to make changes in Linux system files, it can come in handy when you can t remember a command or two.Also, the cover is darn cute So basically this is a quick reference to the vi editor, with additional chapters covering all the other text based editors that are based on vi like vim, for instance.

  10. Full Disclosure Full Disclosure says:

    Thought I was buying the 2009 edition used, but received the 1999 1st edition instead Initially thought it was the sellers error So I searched the product offerings again and realized that ALL those books offered used under the 2009 edition category are actually for the 1999 1st edition gotcha Not the sellers fault Got to examine everything on as if you were a corporate lawyer scrutinizing a contract for your client yourself the results of which could cost you dearly if you miss a jot or a tittle because can t offer an accurate description in an effort to get you to buy something.

  11. D. Taylor D. Taylor says:

    I had to use vi again after having been out of the UNIX environment for 6 years, so I bought this book for a refresher It is OK, but there are not enough examples and than half of the book is dedicated to other flavors of vi elvis, nvi, vim, and vile I need to supplement this book with stuff from the web some of which was useful than the book So yes the book is cheap and somewhat useful, but the web is free

  12. Jessica Jessica says:

    GREAT little reference I kept it at my work station and it s so handy that my coworkers end up stealing it from me.

  13. Rob K Rob K says:

    I use this book as a reference all too often The authors do a good job at laying this book out, and the secrets of vi are all released in this book I recommend this book mainly because of it s size It s small enough to keep on the corner of your desk to reference when you need it.

  14. Christopher J. Saam Christopher J. Saam says:

    I bought this book decades ago and for a time it was a bible on my desk when I was a research assistant in college I was very happy to see offer me a free kindle copy recently.

  15. Adam S. Guida Adam S. Guida says:

    Didn t find much practical info in the reference You d probably be better off getting a printout of common commands from the internet and keeping what tricks you ve learned and making your own quick reference.

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