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  • Magician (Volume one of The Riftwar saga)
  • Raymond E Feist
  • Anglais
  • 14 June 2016

About the Author: Raymond E Feist

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Magician Volume one of The Riftwar saga ui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Raymond E Feist auteurs dans le monde.

10 thoughts on “Magician (Volume one of The Riftwar saga)

  1. Séverine R Séverine R says:

    Ce livre regroupe les 2 premiers tomes de la saga de R Feist, Apprentice et Master.L auteur, souvent compar Tolkien, utilise en effet une toile de fond tr s similaire un monde semi m di val avec des elfes, nains et autre cr atures, ressemblant beaucoup celles d crites dans le Seigneur des Anneaux, qui se joignent aux humains dans une guerre pour sauver leur monde On peut relever d autres similitudes, comme la forte amiti qui lie les personnages principaux, tous h ro ques leur mani re, un certain souffle pique ou encore les sc nes de batailles Mais la ressemblance avec JRR ne va pas plus loin, l criture est plus moderne, le ton plus l ger, et surtout l intrigue est plus farfelue et d cousue.Comme le titre l indique, la magie tient une place importante On suit plus particuli rement Pug, apprenti mage, et l histoire commence alors qu il est enfant Ses aventures vont l amener combattre des envahisseurs venus d un monde parall le et vivre dans ce monde a para t saugrenu mais l auteur r ussit faire passer la pilule assez naturellement et on lit avec int r t.Ce qui fait perdre des points au livre une terrible rupture temporelle en plein milieu de l intrigue, d une dizaine d ann es On quitte un adolescent attachant, fragile et faillible et on retrouve un homme endurci, tout puissant, mari et p re de famille C est brutal Certains personnages secondaires prometteurs sont n glig s ou se retrouvent dans des positions tr s peu cr dibles pourtant essentielles l intrigue Enfin, les personnages f minins sont particuli rement clich et inint ressants.Les deux tomes suivants s am liorent notablement.

  2. bae32 bae32 says:

    A superb tale in the classic tradition of fantasy I really enjoyed this revised edition or author s preferred edition.I had a lot of fun and devored it in a few days I m going to recommend it to my 12 year old son.

  3. E. L. McAra E. L. McAra says:

    I loved this book as a teenager when it was already nearly 30yrs old and I still love it now The right balance of action and detail with a touch of romance done well with vulgarity At times heartbreaking simply due to the number of years the story spans and the changes that come with each character but they are all so well written and rounded.Such a beautiful story on its own and as a trilogy.This will stand the test of time.

  4. Rock Steady Rock Steady says:

    Have read the original book Magician which was only single book When I brought this trilogy The Riftwar Saga recently, I did not realise I had read part of the story before However I have really enjoyed revisiting the characters I recall some of the story but not much since it was some years ago I read the original version I m finding this a really enjoyable read and I expect to read all three Only a 1 3 way into the first book of the trilogy before asked me for a review I m not a fast reader So I can only tell you I find it hard to put down so far.

  5. Mr H! Mr H! says:

    This was the first series of books that I ever read and I must say I think that it should have been made into film by now What an absolute masterclass in fantasy writing Mr Feist stands tall with the greatest writers of all time These books are amaing and everyone should read them at least once Become part of Midekemia.

  6. Kindle CustomerCarolyn. Kindle CustomerCarolyn. says:

    I am very glad this was published in this format I might never had a chance to read it otherwise I know people will have written everything there is to be said, but I would like to add my congratulations to the author It is a re write, and I did not read the first book Therefore, I cannot compare the two However, this version was very well written, of epic proportions, with a cast of characters and plots and sub plots which keeps the reader enthralled to the end The good thing in starting late in the game of reading the series, is that I have all the other books to enjoy Many thanks for great entertainment.

  7. Andrew Brookes Andrew Brookes says:

    A fantastically, but not overwhelmingly detailed world, with so many wonderfully human characters, epic spectacles and gripping twists and turns.One criticism that so many feudal settings can suffer from is the gender inequality portrayed While some settings challenge the injustices of this and the blight of misogyny, I didn t note much in the way of challenge of this idea in this writing I felt disapointed a number of times when female characters were described in an objectifying way Not crude or overly sexual, but they mostly seemed to serve as romantic interests for key male characters, rather that individuals I recognise the feudal setting and culture at the time of writing had a part to play, but I crave the refreshment of a balanced approach, with independent female characters who are not defined by their male counterparts Young readers need female role models.That said, this book got me back into reading for fun, and invigorated with the need to write and create story.

  8. Bookworm Bookworm says:

    Wow, just wow.This book has opened up a whole new scope of books for me to read I tried it on the off chance while it was on offer and I m so glad I did Its been a long time since I ve come across a book that s inspired me to change my reading habits or try out a new genre.The story follows a boy called Pug who is our eponymous magician The setting is very typical for this type of story, feudalist society, small boy in a big castle trying to work out where he fits in But at the same time, it doesn t feel derivative of other similar stories or any other book in the fantasy genre There are some similarities to the Merlin legends, but they feel like vague allusions rather than full on inspiration for the story It stands apart.The language wasn t heavy, convoluted or clunky Neither did I feel talked down to or that parts had been over simplified.I would beg you not to be put off by the size of this book for those who are It s long but it s never a chore and I barely noticed the size, so keen was I to find out what happened I immediately bought the next two books in the series and was absolutely addicted for a week or 3.I don t want to spoil the story by telling you what happens and to be honest, too much happens to do it justice I will only say that this is something that I ve looked at in the past and thought that s not my thing but I was so so wrong If you re the same I encourage you to try it and be surprised If you re a big fantasy reader, I would say that this is a classic, a title I don t give lightly, and something that anyone claiming to be a fantasy book nerd must must must read without exception.I loved it and I think anyone who loves fantasy worlds and magic should at least give this book a chance.

  9. Joe Joe says:

    Perhaps this is for younger readers or fans of fantasy I thought it would be occult horror but it is in line with fantasy and possibly YA Wrong book for me but that is not why I gave a lower rating, because that would have been my fault not the author s I actually thought it was not particularly well written very clunky I stuck with it for quite a while but could not buy into either the writing style or the characters, let alone the storyline Really sorry just not for me.

  10. Mark Hudson Mark Hudson says:

    I have all of R E Feist s books bar 2 Pick one up, the story is so well told that it is hard to put down Sad the series has come to an end, but it was one hell of a ride Not many other authors come close maybe Tolkien of course , huge respect to Terry Brooks, Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman, Terry Pratchett, Terry Goodkind, Jeff Grubb, R A Salvatore, Ed Greenwood Frank Herbert who make my heaving Fantasy Sci Fi bookshelves a better place

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