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Chicken and charcoal : Yakitori, Yardbird, Hong Kong ✤ [Download] ➼ Chicken and charcoal : Yakitori, Yardbird, Hong Kong By Matt Abergel ➶ – From Hong Kong's most popular restaurant Yardbird comes this guide to grilling chicken towards exciting and cosmopolitan recipes in a cookbook applying a strong visual style inspired by chef Matt Aber From Hong charcoal : Kindle Õ Kong's most popular restaurant Yardbird comes this guide to grilling chicken towards exciting and cosmopolitan recipes in a cookbook applying a strong visual style inspired by chef Matt Abergel's love of Chicken and PDF or skateboarding culture.

15 thoughts on “Chicken and charcoal : Yakitori, Yardbird, Hong Kong

  1. Frode Alexander Hegland Frode Alexander Hegland says:

    Beautiful and inspirational

  2. G. Clarke G. Clarke says:

    Once you have read through all the nonsense about the staff and resturant, how to butcher a chicken, how to stick a skewer through a piece of chicken, how to stick it on the bbq (no special technique) and the drinks section you are left with only a handful of recipes I wanted a cookbook not a self glorifying biography I particuarly liked the 2 pages dedicated to a picture of a chair!? Complete rubbish dont waste your money!Out of 240 pages only 63 have food recipes and half of those are just pictures of the dish!

  3. G G says:

    Amazing book As per Phaidon standards, the photos are stunning There is a nice little background story about the chef and how Yardbird came to be.The practical part of the book starts with a chicken butchering step by step, which of course is very useful, as that is what you will be threading onto sticks and be obsessively watching as it cooks on your newly purchased charcoal grill.The sections that really stood out to me though would have to be the small and large plates, which had many plates that had nothing to do with chicken The salads seem light and flavorful and the food playful and pleasurable to eat I actually made one of the salads and it exceeded my expectations If all of the food in this book is as good as that salad it is going to be a yakitori filled summer this year!!

  4. Ian Jacek Ian Jacek says:

    If you have an interest in yakitori I highly recommend this book If you are looking for a ton of recipes you may find this book lacking but between the VERY in depth breakdown of how to break down a chicken and each skewer getting a full page on how to form and grill each skewer this is the most comprehensive guide on yakitori I have found so far.

  5. Hans Gingallein Hans Gingallein says:

    Ich war zwar noch nicht im Yardbird essen, aber das Kochbuch mit Hintergrundinfos zu den Gründern Cocktail Kapitel machen Spaß auf Chicken vom Kohlegrill auf hochem Niveau.

  6. Philippe Zessler Philippe Zessler says:

    Hands down the best book out there regarding yakitori One of the most exciting parts for example are the over 80 steps of butchering the chicken correctly, shown in very detailed pictures A must have for every aspiring chef or home griller.

  7. Ahmed Ahmed says:

    Libro muy didáctico, claro y aplicable, en mi top 3 de mejores libros de cocina.

  8. C C says:

    Cool restaurant Very detailed look at their processes.

  9. Pietro B. Pietro B. says:

    Great Knife skill on chicken A Book to have if you love yakitori

  10. K. McCarthy K. McCarthy says:

    You know when you find that special cookbook, that feeling like you just uncovered buried treasure?This book is very special It is not just a cookbook It is a yearbook, a collection of knowledge, a guide From theoment I opened the cover I knew this would be "one of those books".I've a number of books on yakitori, but this one goes the distance It takes the reader through a beautifully and detailed tour of yakitori, from how to properly butcher a chicken for yakitori (a perfectly illustrated guide, painstakingly detailed!), to the process, a very complete menu of items, how to cook each yakitori This is the most complete and thorough book on yakitori I've ever seen.The book also covers the restaurant, Yardbird, the founders, and the staff in such a way that you really feel like you're a part of it all It is very entertaining and the staff and founders of Yardbird must be very proud of this book.I am grateful beyond words to all who made this book possible The secrets of yakitori are all here, from butchering, to skewering, to an abundance of recipes that all look amazing It is to my knowledge the most complete compendium on yakitori available The information is very accessible, orderly to a fault, and the love that went into this book is obvious from the moment you crack the cover Everything is covered in great detail.What a book!! It's a must have if you're even just casually interested in yakitori Come for the information, stay for the entertainment, this book delivers!

  11. knifetogo knifetogo says:

    pretty good book, lots of pictures in butchering sectionhowever, should use arrows and directional arrows rather than word explanation for the butchering section for instance it says "locate the joint of the upper thigh where the oyster is attached"This isn't good direction That's pretty much assuming the customer already knows wtf the oyster looks like Certain specialty cuts like inner thigh should have direction, so in this instance I believe it can be improved.The skewering section in my opinion shows better, useful directionhowever certain instructions like how to skewer the tail are very poor.Does not mention orientation of the tail, or direction, and says to cut 45 degree angle.

  12. D. Meece D. Meece says:

    This book is a 240 page marketing pamphlet for the author’s restaurant and other products they sale The book is printed on heavy stock paper and has an abundance of photos but I’m paying $0.15/page so they can brag on architect and their chair designer, their service and their parties, and on and on and on.After you wade through all the crap, there are about 35 pages of recipes and techniques that are interesting but most of the recipes involving chicken are going to be a disappointment if you try to use the factory produced chicken most common in the US.If you can check this book out at your local library, by all means do so There are some interesting things to learn from it But it seems overpriced for the benefit you can get from it as a cookbook.

  13. S&J S&J says:

    Congratulations Mattnice work all around Guy has a talent very few have, the ability to elevate the common Japanese chicken dishes and at the same time put together a very comprehensive 'guide' for the intermediate home cook perhaps? I'm an industry guy who never stops learning or soaking up information from my peers and this one will take patience, but the payoff is there and very rewarding if you follow through and learn about the breakdown, the cross utilization methods and just using stellar products in your food I just hope at some point I can try one of the yellow chickens that this lucky bastard has easy access where he is firmly built himself a growing successful restaurant.

  14. leonel de la garza leonel de la garza says:

    The recepies in the book are so easy well I just tried the a few really basic and easy ones but what I cooked my family loved.

  15. flipper flipper says:

    What a surprise! I raise poultry and game on a small farm (we eat what we grow) This has great illustrations for breaking down a bird and using every single part way beyond anything I have seen River Cottage Smiver Kotage. this is an essential book for poultry and show how you can turn your own birds or even a cheap 3 dollar game hen into several decadent meals outstanding.

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