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Sandkings ❰PDF❯ ✩ Sandkings Author George R R Martin – Sandkings George R R Martin Livres Not Sandkings George R R Martin Livres Not.

7 thoughts on “Sandkings

  1. jps jps says:

    Great stories.Alas 25 pages p 168 193 are missing from my copy Orbit Book, paperback ISBN 0708823068 , so The Stone City and Starlady are incomplete The book is not damaged so this must be a printing issue.

  2. B. J. Crossley B. J. Crossley says:

    these are great short stories with space and science fiction themes some of the authors best ones are here.

  3. Graham Graham says:

    Note that the Kindle download is for the single novelette, Sandkings , which was a Hugo and Nebula award winner It s around 50 paper pages.Simon Kress likes to collect exotic alien pets His latest acquisition is a large terrarium hosting four separate colonies of sandkings He has been told that these are semi sapient, weakly psionic hive minds which will happily accept him as their god and which will wage chivalrous war within their terrarium But Kress is no benevolent overlord and he starves and abuses the sandkings for his own entertainment Which begins to seem much less wise when the sandkings escape the limits of their terrarium and start developing furtherThis is a tightly written tale with a number of surprises It sets a distinctive mood somewhere between traditional sf and horror and well deserves its awards.

  4. NRevell NRevell says:

    A wellworn book, but decently readable I originally read this story in Omni magazine decades ago.

  5. Matthew Matthew says:

    An incredible read This book was my first exposure to the writings of George R R Martin and while out of print, this edition remains the best and well worth the search.

  6. Dick Slappagain Dick Slappagain says:

    Definitely a book

  7. Kyle Kyle says:

    Creepy Made my skin crawl Hard to write this review without pun.A quick King like bug invasion Not terrible, but definitely not one of my favorites.

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