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  • 14 April 2014
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6 thoughts on “Learning Cocoa (en anglais)

  1. actifred actifred says:

    Learning Cocoa se propose d aborder les diff rents aspect de la programmation Cocoa Les auteurs y pr sentent les principaux concepts objets utilis s par ce framework, une introduction au langage Objective C, ainsi qu une prise en main des outils de d veloppement fournis par Apple Interface Builder et Project Builder.H las, si l id e est attirante, le r sultat s av re assez in gal.Parmi les bons aspects, on notera l introduction Objective C, la br ve mais claire description de l architecture de MacOS X, la pr sentation des fonctionnalit s offertes par IB, ou encore l explication des concepts centraux de Cocoa comme la d coupe MVC Model View Controller.C est au niveau des nombreux didacticiels que le livre laisse d sirer Certaines op rations tr s basiques y sont inutilement r p t es, tandis que d autres points sont r guli rement pass s sous silence, laissant le lecteur ses questions.Enfin, et c est l le plus regrettable, la phase de conception des diff rents exemples est trop peu d taill e voire inexistante Le lecteur se retrouvera ainsi trop souvent effectuer des op rations m caniquement ajoutez ceci, cliquez l , tapez a sans r ellement conna tre le r le ou l importance de certaines op rations.Au final, ce livre s adresse au d butant d sireux de d couvrir succinctement Cocoa Les lecteurs plus exigents devront se tourner vers des ouvrages plus complets, comme Building Cocoa Applications aussi chez O Reilly ou Cocoa Programming or MacOS X.

  2. Redwood Tree Redwood Tree says:

    This book will give you a great introduction to Cocoa but don t expect to walk away with a mastery of the topic The folks at Apple have taken their many on line examples and documentaiton and essentially wrapped it in a pretty and edited format less errors than on line version.There s almost nothing in this book that you can not find on line, but this book does a great job at organizing I was a bit bummed that the high quality found in other O Reilley books was not present here, but in general I like the idea of collaboration between Apple and O Reilley In another time, in another place this book would have been the standard documentation that came along with the Developer Tools but in this age when we download everything maybe that can t be expected.In bottom line, this is a well edited, well put together book It will teach you Project Builder and many aspects of developing with Cocoa However, it s only an introduction.

  3. guido guido says:

    Excellent This book has just the right doses of tips and tricks, distilled wisdom of the NextStep way, best practice Objective C concepts, solid examples and brevity If you have been scouring the Cocoa online APIs, stepwise.com, omni lists, etc., but wishing for then this book with deliver for you The diagrams and screen shots are first rate, as is the editing Examples are very easy to follow My only complaint is I wish there were sections on printing, threading, services, and other Cocoa topics Of course they can t cover all the APIs Hopefully some of these will appear in an advanced Cocoa book from O Reilly.

  4. J. E. S. J. E. S. says:

    There are quite a few high points to this book which make it a worthwhile introduction to using Cocao to program for Mac OS X The overview of Objective C is complete enough for anyone coming from another language to grasp it quickly The introduction to object oriented programming and the Apple developer tools is also rather well done for those who need refreshers or a place to start.The programming examples are all simple and clear, thoug building on one another towards the end of the book until you re typing quite a bit just to get through them Skipping the examples isn t necessarily a good idea either, though early on I was able to do this farily effectively as they deal with the concepts of how Cocoa is intended to be used than with any real deep material.The main down side of the book is that it is the best cure for insomnia I have ever encountered Most O Reilly titles are engaging than this one is The difference in authoring and editing by the people at Apple Computer is evident in the books ability to put anyone I ve given it to right to sleep about halfway through any given chapter.

  5. Kelsey McClanahan Kelsey McClanahan says:

    I ordered this book a couple of months in advance before the book shipped I could hardly wait until the day it arrived But not long afterwards did I realize that this book is one of the biggest disappoints in programming guides I have ever experienced You can obviously tell that a single person did not work exclusively on this book Several chapters are in different writing styles And the book contained a couple of chapters I had previously downloaded from Apple s site This book did little for me in advancing my knowledge of Cocoa and Objective C It is probably and excellent book for someone coming from the NextStep OpenStep world, but not for someong new to Mac OS X and Objective C I found the book unorganized with the subject matter presented in an awkward flow I am a just becoming exposed to Mac OS X Cocoa programming, but am not by any means an inexperienced professional programmer.Perhaps a appropriate title should have been, Cocoa A Primer For Experienced NextStep OpenStep Programmers.And what s with the lame Hello World program you first develop You write a program to print a message to the debug log in the Project Builder environment That s a program And what about packaging your applications, creating icons, and whole other slew of potpurri and developmental aspects These are just about completely ignored.This book is better than nothing but not by much.I hope an individual author OUTSIDE OF APPLE writes a book on Cocoa soon I m still waiting and growing impatient for a great book on Mac OS X Cocoa programming What was Apple thinking when they released this book to O Reilley Cheers all Kelsey McClanahan

  6. Chris Chris says:

    I know right off the bat that this book is a beginner book as are all learning series from Oreiley I m an experienced programmer with prior experience in NeXTSTEP So, judging from a beginner s point of view, the object oriented programming chapter is very clear and concise, right to the point The Objective C primer chapter might need a little bit work For a C C Java programmer, it should be easy to read, but it lacks some essential information on some of the syntax.From an experienced programmer s point of view, this book is too basic although it does give you a good introduction on how to use the tools.The whole book is pretty much a tutorial Personally, I think the step by step instruction is just way too much The instructions are usually duplicated in a lot of chapters You figure that the author should have omitted the basic instructions in the later chapters, but he doesn t.Anyhow, this is still a good book for beginner I d like to see Programming in Cocoa come out soon thoughChris

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Learning Cocoa (en anglais)➣ Learning Cocoa (en anglais) Ebook ➩ Author Apple Computer, Inc. – Liversite.co.uk Cocoa is one of the principal application environments for Mac OS X Among Cocoa s many attributes its advanced object oriented APIs allow you to develop in both Java and Objective C This revolutionary Cocoa is one of the principal application environments for Mac OS X Among Cocoa s many attributes its advanced object oriented APIs allow you to develop in both Java and Objective C This revolutionary new way of developing sophisticated applications for the Macintosh is both powerful and easy With Learning Cocoa you ll become familiar with Cocoa application development using Objective C not merely by reading but by doing The book begins with a discussion of essential object oriented programming concepts for those with no previous experience It proceeds through an introduction to the Cocoa environment development tools and some simple tutorials to help you become familiar with the basic elements of Cocoa programming The remaining tutorials guide you as you create a series of increasingly complex example applications The techniues and concepts you learn in one tutorial lay the foundation for the advanced techniues and concepts in the next You don t need extensive programming experience to complete the examples in this book though it would be helpful to have some experience with the C programming language The code for each example is included in the text so you can simply type it in If you re already familiar with an object oriented programming language like Java or Smalltalk you ll uickly feel right at home with Objective C the language used throughout this book As you ease your way into the experience of Cocoa programming you re encouraged to play to explore to kick the tires You ll finish this book much better prepared to take on serious application development with Cocoa and you ll find Apple s development environment not only less mysterious but one that you ll be eager to program in Written by insiders at Apple Computer the book brings you information that you can t get anywhere else and a potential leg up in the Mac OS X application development market Synopsis A guide to Cocoa application development which shows how to write example applications that gradually become complex It is written by insiders at Apple Computer with access to engineers deeply involved in creating Mac OS X.