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  1. mbaya musampa mbaya musampa says:

    La bible du dns Tout ingnieur rseau et systme devrait l avoir lu au moins une fois Tous les concepts y sont expliqus

  2. Bernardus Bernardus says:

    This book and its companion go so deeply into DNS that your mind goes numb That s not an insult If you want the answer, it s there.

  3. TM Dragon TM Dragon says:

    Non trivial, good book

  4. Daniel L Daniel L says:


  5. Frank Frank says:

    Good book

  6. Robert L. Cochran Robert L. Cochran says:

    I have both the 3rd and 4th editions of this book It is a must read kind of book for those needing to do DNS I need an understanding of how DNS and BIND work since I wish to get my own internet services re started This book provides it In my experience, DNS can be as painful to re do correctly as it is to initially set up correctly because once you do have it running properly you can just forget all about it It Just Works So when you are later faced with having to re learn DNS it can be as painful as the initial learning experience That is why a book with many how to coding examples for different DNS zones becomes valuable I sure wish this book had the examples.With the understanding that I ve only read the first 89 of 600 pages, I d like to agree with all the positives cited by other reviewers You really must get, and read, and re read, and re read this book if you want to run web servers, mailing lists, and so on.For such a comprehensive book, it offers only one getting started example of use to someone wanting to set up his or her own domain quickly like me The movie.edu examples given are excellent, but at least one additional example is really needed.How about discussion of and coding examples for a zone named video.biz consisting of 4 machines on the same network plus a print server and a Linksys Cable DSL router You know, the kind of zone someone at home or running a small business would establish.Also I would like to see a new Appendix, Appendix F, discussing common DNS coding mistakes based on the authors experience Often seeing examples of coding mistakes can help people like me avoid them.

  7. Doug M Doug M says:

    Before reading this book, using Bind was a daunting and intimidtaing task Even when I followed examples on web tutorials, I found I still didn t understand what it was I was doing But having read this book, I feel much confident using Bind and DNS in general Unintuitive config files are now totally readable, and fancy terms such as zone or reverse mapping make much sense now.I definitely recommend this book to Unix netadmins because this book has a lot of practical advice for how best to optomize Bind in a network, and how to deal with tricky tasks such as delegating and compensating for network disasters a must read section.Best of all, the book is very easy to read, rather humorous at times, and has something for people of all levels of experience I whole heartedly give this book 5 stars, and strongly urge other Unix LInux folks to read it too Enjoy

  8. FieryPhoenix FieryPhoenix says:

    I am a netadmin who works in NT We are going to Linux in bits and pieces and one peice is DNS I m picking up where my boss left off and I needed some strong basics, clear examples and a good reference point This book is all of those things other than the fact they forget to mention what file they are referring to from time to time I m reading the book cover to cover and I m half way through I jump ahead when I need to, but always come back to following the chapter outine.I have gained such a knowlege of BIND and a better understanding of DNS and I owe it to this book O Reilly does a great job with it s tech books and I am a fan.

  9. C. Brown C. Brown says:

    A very good book to read if one wants to know what a DNS server is, and how to configure one A lot of detail on the server configuration, and on creating zone files for your domains over which a server is to be authoritative.

  10. Mike Mike says:

    Great book It helped me get a promotion.

  11. Luis Fretz Luis Fretz says:

    Great reference book to any computer library.

  12. The CAT The CAT says:

    Great for the SysAdmin who needs a reference here and there

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DNS and BIND, 4th Edition(en anglais) [Download] ➺ DNS and BIND, 4th Edition(en anglais) By Albitz – Liversite.co.uk DNS and BIND is about one of the Internet s fundamental building blocks the distributed host information database that s responsible for translating names into addresses routing mail to its proper des DNS and BIND, 4th PDF Ç BIND is about one of the Internet s fundamental building blocks the DNS and PDF or distributed host information database that s responsible for translating names into addresses routing mail to and BIND, 4th eBook ✓ its proper destination and many other services As the authors say in the preface if you re using the Internet you re already using DNS even if you don t know it This edition covers the and versions of BIND along with the older version There s also extensive coverage of NOTIFY IPv forward and reverse mapping transaction signatures and the new DNS Security Extensions and a new section on accommodating Windows clients servers and Domain Controllers Whether you re an administrator involved daily with DNS or a user who wants to be informed about the Internet and how it works the book should be of interest Topics include what DNS does how it works and when you need to use it how to find your own place in the Internet s name space setting up name servers using MX records to route mail configuring hosts to use DNS name servers subdividing domains parenting securing your name server restricting who can uery your server preventing unauthorized zone transfers avoiding bogus name servers and so on mapping one name to several servers for load sharing troubleshooting using nslookup reading debugging output common problems and DNS programming using the resolver library and Perl s Net DNS module.