8 thoughts on “The sword of Shannara / Terry Brooks ; illustrated by the Brothers Hildebrandt

  1. Raphael Mala Raphael Mala says:

    I loved LotR as a kid and thought I would love this one too.But I guess it is either not as good as advertised or I got old 29 at the moment The whole plot and characters really seem like an accelerated version of Tolkien s MAsterpiece.I lost the book before finishing it and do not feel like buying it again. Read 400ish pages

  2. Raggety Raggety says:


  3. chrislg chrislg says:

    I liked it but not as much as I loved a princess of LandoverMost for guys I think A lot of battle strategy

  4. MARKOV Nikola MARKOV Nikola says:

    Le monde a subit des guerres et sa face cghang La civilisation moderne n est plus qu un ombre dans la memoire des druides mages Le temps s est recourb sur lui m me et voila que nos heros vivent dans une epoque qui ressemble au moyen age.On plonge tres facilement dans se monde de trols aux moeurs guerriers, des elfs protecteurs de la terre, des nains ingenieux et humains qui cherchent a trouver leurs place sous le soleil.Les montagnes hostiles, les marrecages habit s par des monstres mythiques, les forets vierges de ch nes envout es, les plaines d herbes folles o on perd la notion de distance, les rivieres tumultueuses vont vous devoiler la beaut d un monde dont les habitants vivent en harmonie avec la nature et les couch s de soleil sont si doux

  5. natasha colcombe natasha colcombe says:

    I watched the Shannara Chronicles, season 1 on Netflix and loved it so much that I had to buy the books They are all brilliant and a must read for anyone who likes this genre As is usually the case, the books are sooo much better than the TV programs or films.

  6. Mr. Sean Henderson Mr. Sean Henderson says:

    I m struggling through this phonebook sized novel As a big lord of the rings fan it is really poor how much of a blatant rip off this is Yes, it is entertaining, but I m starting to think i d probably be better just re reading the lord of the rings.

  7. Azrael Azrael says:

    The first book written by Terry Brooks as part of the long running Shannara series in my my still one of the best Yes it is similar to Lord of the Rings but in my mind that is not a bad thing Well written book with good characters Very fast paced a fun read.

  8. Skiamakhos Skiamakhos says:

    Not bad for a first novel Bits of it drag on though There s a lot of bits where the Gandalf like character is telling the others the ancient history of their world, an bits where Brooks tells us what different characters are thinking El Leonard this is not But I hear the series improves I think if you re going to get into it it s best to start at the beginning, so, worth a read.

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